School Partnership

Special Olympics New Jersey partners with schools and districts to create inclusive sports and social programs that ensure physical education, athletics and fitness, and extra-curricular activities are accessible to all students. Across the globe, Special Olympics has shown that the transformative power of sports can create environments of acceptance, in which people of all abilities have the opportunity to achieve and become teammates and friends, on and off the playing field!

Through the Play Unified School Partnership, Special Olympics New Jersey assists schools with implementing customized and sustainable inclusive sports, youth leadership, education and social programs that build self-confidence and foster communities of acceptance where all students are empowered to reach their full potential.

Play Unified school partners (Pre-K through high school) are eligible to receive grants, trainings, equipment, and technical assistance to support them in utilizing Special Olympics sports, education and leadership initiatives to provide inclusive co-curricular, interscholastic and recreational activities in an environment that values and recognizes the gifts and contributions of every student.

Through the Play Unified School Partnership, Special Olympics New Jersey supports schools in creating a continuum of options that offer participation opportunities for students of all interests and ability levels.

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Programs and Resources

For information on the Play Unified School Partnership, contact Susan Colacello at For information on Young Athletes and Pre-K and kindergarten programs contact Andrea Moore at