The Sports Complex

The philosophy behind the programs conducted at the Sports Complex is one of inclusion, providing equal opportunities for our athletes to join volunteers and family members in developing skill and confidence through sport, resulting in acceptance in their local communities.

The Special Olympics New Jersey Sports Complex is a one-of-a-kind facility, affording individuals with intellectual disabilities, their families and the community a place to come together to increase the quality and expand the reach of Special Olympics throughout New Jersey. (View Slideshow)

The Sports Complex is comprised of a variety of centers playing host to model programs, while at the same time providing direct services to athletes and families from throughout the state. All programs are completely free of charge and are designed to be utilized at the Complex by registered participants, as well as replicated in other communities throughout the state.

Facilities in the Sports Complex:

Eunice Kennedy Shriver Sports & Training Center

Mrs. Shriver had many memorable visits to New Jersey over the years, with her most recent in 2007 when she attended the dedication of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Sports & Training Center at the Special Olympics New Jersey Sports Complex in Lawrenceville. In our 40-year history, Special Olympics New Jersey was never more proud to have Mrs. Shriver in attendance as we honored and celebrated her through the naming of this facility.

Mrs. Shriver was a Champion of Champions for persons with Intellectual Disabilities and their achievement in life through sport. She will be missed by the athletes and families of Special Olympics New Jersey, and the entire Special Olympics movement worldwide.

To learn more about Mrs. Shriver and her lifetime commitment to persons with Intellectual Disabilities, please visit

The Walsh Education and Family Center

The Walsh Sports Education and Family Center houses a comprehensive library covering topics on disabilities, legal issues related to individuals with disabilities, sports training, education and more. Additionally, the TD Bank Sibling Library offers siblings of all ages over 200 titles of books addressing the needs of siblings of individuals with intellectual disabilities and other developmental disabilities.

Special Olympics New Jersey also conducts sessions and conferences for families covering legal issues, health and wellness topics, sport-specific training and other areas of interest as requested by families. There is no cost to attend. The Walsh Center and TD Bank Sibling Library are open daily with evening and weekend hours when other activities and events are taking place at the Sports Complex.

TD Sports Field

Special Olympics New Jersey officially dedicated this turf athletic field, TD Sports Field, on December 5, 2010. The construction of the field was made possible by generous contributions by TD Bank and TD Ameritrade. It is the first field of its kind to be used exclusively for Special Olympics programs.

The regulation 5v5 soccer field and official Special Olympics Flag Football field will host numerous Special Olympics events, including tournament and league play as well as individual skills and team training. It will also be used during Camp Shriver and for the SONJ Unified Sports program, where members of the community join Special Olympics athletes on sports teams.

“What is remarkable about this field is that it will bring together the athletes of Special Olympics New Jersey and the community,” said Marc Edenzon, President of Special Olympics New Jersey. “While the field will host year-round programs for our athletes, the community will be invited to play on the field as members on our teams, part of an inclusive environment that will lead to an understanding of our athletes and acceptance in their community through sport.”

Tribute Patio

The Special Olympics New Jersey Tribute Patio, presented by the Sean Nelligan Foundation, is a magnificent tribute to the athletes, families, volunteers and sponsors who have contributed to the success of Special Olympics New Jersey. The support of the Law Enforcement community is recognized with the Law Enforcement Tribute Walk.

The patio plays host to Camp Shriver, luncheons, special events and competitions, while at the same time recognizing the Champions of Special Olympics New Jersey.

Contributions through the purchase of bricks, patio blocks and more are available in support of the Inspire Greatness Capital Campaign.

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Wawa Exercise and Wellness Center

The Wawa Exercise and Wellness Center is the official training center for Special Olympics New Jersey athletes. Registered athletes are encouraged to train three times per week in a unified environment by including a friend, sibling or parent as a training partner. The center is fully equipped with the latest cardio and fitness machines, and is staffed by certified trainers and fitness professionals.

Sargent Shriver Gymnasium

Sargent Shiver has been recognized as one of the greatest Americans of our time and was instrumental in the global expansion of the Special Olympics Movement in the 1980s and ’90s. The gymnasium at the SONJ Sports Complex was dedicated to Sargent Shriver in October of 2012. Special Olympics New Jersey is the first accredited Special Olympics program to name sports facilities after both Eunice and Sargent Shriver.

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