Andrew Weatherly Celebrates

More than 2,500 athletes competed in our Summer Games just 4 weeks ago. Throughout the weekend, each competitor enjoyed experiences and memories they will be able to share for a lifetime.

Photographer Marco Catini Photography followed one of those competitors, Andrew Weatherly, through his three days at the games. A tennis player for Bergen County Aces, Andrew competed in both singles and doubles, earning a gold and bronze medal. But for most all of the athletes, Andrew included, the medals hardly tell the story of the games. Andrew danced, high-fived, hugged, cheered, and air-guitared his way through Summer Games.

Take a look below as these wonderful photos tell the story of a great competitor, teammate, and friend, whose loud yet warm personality is contagious to everyone in his path.

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    Andrea Weisbard on July 3, 2018

    I know Andrew through a great art organization, ARTS UNBOUND. He is an awesome artist and an author too boot.

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