Meet Special Olympics New Jersey athlete, Wayne, and his coach, Kim. Wayne is 71 years old and has been skiing for 35 years — nothing can hold him back! Even though Wayne and his fellow athletes are strong and resilient, the challenges of this year have kept them apart, on and off the playing fields and courts where they compete. 

Your support is crucial now more that ever, as they reconnect and start to return to activity in the coming year.  You can make a difference by registering for events, making a tax deductible charitable contribution, sharing your story, fundraising, and much more.


Make a secure one-time or monthly donation today. You can even send in a donation to our Sports Complex. Find out more about how simple it is to donate to Special Olympics New Jersey.

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From Polar Plunges to golf tournaments, you can give to Special Olympics New Jersey by attending our fundraising events or sponsoring your participating friends and family.

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Host your own event to benefit Special Olympics New Jersey! Learn how to start your own fundraiser that supports our programs and athletes in unique ways.

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Honor a friend or loved one’s memory by collecting donations for Special Olympics New Jersey via a Fundraising page! Create an In Memory page to share with others and pay tribute to someone you have lost while also supporting Special Olympics New Jersey.

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Patio Dedications

Pay tribute and Pave the Way for Special Olympics New Jersey! Buy a brick, stone or plaque on the Tribute Patio at the Sports Complex in Lawrenceville and support the future of Special Olympics New Jersey!

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As you plan for your own future and give thought to the legacy you would like to leave, we hope you will consider Special Olympics New Jersey in your estate and financial plans.

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Make a transfer of stock or securities to Special Olympics New Jersey.

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2020 CARES Act Updates*

New Universal Charitable Contribution Deduction for Individuals

To encourage charitable giving among this group of taxpayers and to further support relief efforts, Congress included a provision in the CARES Act that creates a new partial above-the-line deduction for cash contributions to certain charitable organizations for taxpayers that elect not to itemize deductions. Note that, for the contribution to be deductible, it must be given to a charitable organization described in Internal Revenue Code section 170(b)(1)(A). Qualifying donations do not include contributions to a supporting organization or to a sponsoring organization for the establishment of a new donor advised fund or to be added to an existing donor advised fund.

Raising the Limits on Deductions for Cash Charitable Contributions During 2020

The CARES Act temporarily modified the percentage limitations on the income tax charitable deduction for cash contributions to certain charities available to individuals who are itemizers and corporations if these taxpayers elect to have these provisions apply for the 2020 tax year. For 2020, individuals may deduct qualified contributions to the extent of their contribution base (i.e., the individual’s 2020 adjusted gross income without regard to any net operating loss carryback to 2020). This provision is very favorable to those donors who wish to make large cash contributions in 2020, the deductibility of which might otherwise have been curbed due to the percentage limitations. The election would allow much more to be deducted in 2020 and less carried forward for deduction in future years.

For corporations, the percentage limitation on the corporate income tax charitable deduction increased the percentage of the corporation’s taxable income for 2020. In the case of charitable contributions by partnerships or S corporations, each partner or shareholder must separately elect to use the modified percentage limitations.

Any charitable contribution exceeding the limits discussed above may be carried forward and used in later years subject to certain limits.

*As of 4/2020, per the CARES Act, please consult your tax advisor.