Unified Sports® joins people with and without disabilities (known as Unified partners) on the same team. Dedicated to promoting social inclusion through shared sports training and competition experiences, it was inspired by a simple principle: training together and playing together is a quick path to friendship and understanding.

Participation Options

Special Olympics New Jersey offers many options to Play Unified!


Players with and without disabilities participate together as teammates on sports training and competition teams. Athletes and Unified partners must be of similar age and ability level.

Player Development and Mentoring

Teammates of higher abilities serve as mentors to assist teammates of lower abilities in developing sport-specific skills, tactics, and in successfully participating in a cooperative team environment.


Athletes and partners play together with some modifications and mentoring. Recreational play does not follow any prescribed training, competition and/or team composition requirements. Recreational opportunities may take place in partnership with schools, sports clubs, the community and other private or public organizations, including:

  • Introductory one-day events
  • Exhibitions or demonstrations
  • Ongoing activities, like physical education classes or intramurals

Ready to Play?

Each of these participation options exist within our community sports and school-based sports. Explore the options and decide what’s right for you!

Contact Us

For more information on Unified Sports, contact us at ucs@sonj.org.