Softball is a bat and ball sport played between two teams of 10 to 15 players. Every team aims to score as many runs as possible against the opponent by striking the ball with a specific bat. Softball is a summer sport where athletes train and compete from March through June.

General Information

The Softball Fact Sheet provides general information on the sport’s background, popularity and statistics in the Special Olympics sports world.

The Official Special Olympics Sports Rules for softball shall govern all Special Olympics competitions. View the most updated Softball Rules.

Article 1 provides general principles established by the Special Olympics Official General Rules that are not found in sport-specific rules. When there is conflict between a sport’s official rules and the general rules, the general rules in Article 1 will be followed.

Upcoming Events

We don’t have any upcoming events at this time, but please check back and join us at one of our events in the future.

Coaching Resources

Special Olympics New Jersey strives to provide additional sport training to our athletes so that they are at their best when it comes time for training and competition. Please make sure to check back regularly for new and upcoming training resources!

Coaches are encouraged to use the resources below to be as prepared as possible for softball training and competition.

If you have any questions on coaching, visit our coach section for information.

Additional Softball Information

Sports Registration Checklist

Read through and complete this checklist of to-dos before signing up for a local program.