Coaching is not stagnant. It’s an evolving skill that doesn’t follow a formula. Every coach is different and every athlete requires a different approach. Explore these resources and more. Embrace training for life. 

Resources by Category

The resources below cover a variety of topics that are useful for coaches of any Special Olympics sport or program. These materials come from Special Olympics-related programs and guides, as well as external organizations. Use these links as tools to help you grow as a coach.

2022 Program Leadership Conference Resources

The 2022 Program Leadership Conference took place on November 19, 2022 at the SONJ Sports Complex. This year’s conference focused on Coach Education and covered a number of topics.  View our archive which includes videos of the presentations as well as slides.

Program Leadership Conference Archive

Health and Fitness


Teaching Athletes

Want to learn more about rules and guidelines for a specific sport? Visit each sport’s page to find more resources.