Considerations for Coaches

It is encouraged for prospective coaches to have sport experience, but education opportunities and resources are available to properly prepare individuals for their role as coaches.

Please note that the nature of the coaching role typically requires a greater time commitment than other volunteer opportunities. In addition to basic requirements, coaches’ responsibilities include:

  • Being available for practices, training and competitions
  • Registering athletes for competition
  • Obtaining equipment for athletic training
  • Recruiting assistant coaches

Athletes as Coaches

After spending many years competing, Special Olympics athletes often want to explore a leadership role in coaching. It is important to note that once an athlete begins coaching a sport, that athlete may no longer compete in that sport.

The process for an athlete to become a coach is as follows:

  1. The head coach of the program in which the athlete will coach needs to send a letter of intent to the state office, signed by the Area Director.
  2. Upon approval, the athlete can complete the coaching requirements and get started!

For more information about becoming a Coach, please email