Our staff work hard to support the day-to-day operations of Special Olympics New Jersey. Want to get in touch? View each staff member by team.

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Heather B. Andersen, President & CEO hba@sonj.org

Vanessa Glenn, Executive Assistantvg@sonj.org


Carmen Bannon, Chief Program Management Officercb@sonj.org

William DePonte, Senior Director of Program Developmentwjd@sonj.org

Kathy Brown, Grants and Technical Support Manager, Unified Champion Schools – kcb@sonj.org

Susan Colacello, Director of School and Youth Engagement, Unified Champion Schools – scc@sonj.org

Taisha Cullum, Program Outreach Assistanttic@sonj.org

Amelia Hamilton, Healthy Communities Managerarh@sonj.org

Judy Humza, Young Athletes Coordinator – jlh@sonj.org

Joanne Monaco, Senior Field Services Managerjdm@sonj.org

Andrea Moore, Elementary & Early Childhood Director, Unified Champion Schools – avm@sonj.org

Chris Tobin, Field Services Managercat@sonj.org

Matt Willey, Field Services Managermaw@sonj.org

Sports and Competition

Carmen Bannon, Chief Program Management Officercb@sonj.org

Jeff Baldino, Senior Director of Competitionjjb@sonj.org

Sam Cyliax, Sports Managersmc@sonj.org

Kalee Iacoangeli, Sports Directorkmi@sonj.org

Susan Mejia, Games Systems Director – sm@sonj.org

Jon Sensi, Sports Coordinatorjrs@sonj.org

Amy Simmons, Director of Volunteers – ajs@sonj.org

Jess Stevenson, Unified Sports Coordinatorjns@sonj.org

Corporate Development

Diane Paraskevas, Senior Director of Corporate Developmentdp@sonj.org

Christina Baldini, Corporate Events Director – cmb@sonj.org

Laura Contini, Special Events Manager – lac@sonj.org

Jeanene Leppert, Special Events Directorjcl@sonj.org

Beth Starr, Director of Corporate Partnershipsbas@sonj.org

Danella Vecchio, Development Assistantdcv@sonj.org

Law Enforcement Torch Run

Jason Schubert, Senior Director of LETR Initiatives – jcs@sonj.org

Edward Dean, LETR Special Events Director – end@sonj.org

Suzanne Parsons, LETR Operations Manager – sp@sonj.org

David Reed, Director of LETR Special Events – jdr@sonj.org

Marketing and Communications

Jeremy Davis, Director of Marketing and Communicationsjld@sonj.org

Erica HartMarketing and Communications Manager – elh@sonj.org

Edward Hartman III, Visual Content Strategistejh@sonj.org

Sean Williams, Social Media and Digital Content Manager – sdw1@sonj.org

Finance and Administration

Brian Wertz, Senior Director of Operationsbmw@sonj.org

Lenny Yanchar, Operations Assistantlwy@sonj.org

Cheryl Willis, Director of Finance and Administration caw@sonj.org

Tony ColonFull Charge Bookkeeper – tac@sonj.org

Jimmy Moise, Bookkeeperjvm@sonj.org

Ann Marie Lammerding, Office Assistant

Nate McMullan, IT & Database Managernlm@sonj.org

Kelly O’Sullivan, Receptionist

Becky Scheick, Receptionist

Lynda Swanhart, Finance Assistantls@sonj.org

Richard Wannamaker, Operations Assistantraw@sonj.org