Assessment Process

The baseline concussion assessment, know as ImPACT IDD (Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities) has been adapted for an individual with developmental, speech and language delays. ImPACT IDD uses an iPad to measure different cognitive abilities including memory, pattern recognition and response time in a game format, making it easier to hold the attention of the test taker and allowing for those who are not able to read to ability to take the assessment.


Over 300 SONJ athletes have completed the baseline concussion assessment in 2018.

Available Assessments

As part of our commitment to providing quality health programs, SONJ offers baseline concussion assessments that are provided at Winter Games – Floor Hockey, Spring Games, Summer Games, and select sectional events. An assessment takes less than 15 minutes to compete and is given in a one-to-one ratio with a trained healthcare provider.

View our calendar of events to see when the next available baseline concussion assessment will be in your area.

Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in volunteering for baseline concussion assessments? SONJ is looking for general volunteers, registered nurses, and students in this field to help educate and test athletes for signs of concussions.


If you have any questions regarding baseline concussion assessments, please contact our Healthy Communities Manager, Amelia Hamilton,