SONJ Virtual Fall Competition

Special Olympics New Jersey (SONJ) is excited to announce the Virtual Fall Competition offering for the 2020 Fall season! This event is open to athletes, coaches and Unified partners and is a fun and safe way to virtually connect with your teammates and peers from across the state. This format will serve as an alternative to in-person competition for those who are high-risk or may not be ready to return to the playing field. All current SONJ athletes, Unified partners, and coaches are invited to train and compete at home in a variety of sport challenges.

To see information on both virtual and in-person competition for the 2020 Fall season, click the sport icons below. 








Virtual Fall Competition Frequently Asked Questions

Who is permitted to compete?

Anyone who is currently registered as an SONJ athlete (8-years-old +), Unified partner, or coach can participate in Virtual Fall Competition.

What is the timeline for the Virtual Fall Competition?

Practice begins on September 24 and runs through October 16. On that October 16th date, you will be able to submit your scores any time between then and Sunday, October 25th by 11:59 PM.  Score submission forms will be released on that October 16th date.

Do I have to fill out the COVID Waiver and High-Risk Waiver?

No. Only in-person competitors are required to fill out the waivers.

Do I need to register to participate?

Yes, registration will be a requirement for competition, as it will allow us to check to make sure every participants paperwork is valid before competing! It will also ensure that you get important updates and information about Virtual Fall Competition sent directly to your inbox. Register by visiting the sport page of the Fall sport you are interested in. You can participate in as many virtual sports as you want!

Can I still participate if I typically don’t do Fall sports?

Yes! This is open to anyone that is interested and is currently registered as an SONJ athlete, Unified partner, or coach.

How can I train for the competition?

Our top priority is that everyone is safe and maintains social distancing rules while practicing.  Practicing at home will best allow you to follow all health and safety guidelines and help minimize risk of illness.

How do I submit my scores?

You will be able to submit your scores any time between Friday, October 16th and Sunday, October 25th by 11:59 PM.  Score submission forms will be sent out and uploaded to the SONJ website on October 16th.

Will awards be given out?

Yes! You’ll receive a competition certificate in the mail following the conclusion of Virtual Fall Competition.

Who will I compete against?

After final results are submitted, we’ll division everyone based on their role as an athlete, Unified partner or coach, as well as by their age and results. We will only division by gender if there are enough total participants.

Do I have to have an up-to-date medical to compete?

Yes. Only currently registered Special Olympics New Jersey athletes, coaches and Unified partners are eligible to compete, and it is REQUIRED that all paperwork is completed and valid before participating.

Do I need equipment to train/practice?

Most events will require sport-specific equipment.

What scores do I need to record during the training period?

Keep track of all your practice scores during the training weeks. A simple paper and pencil will do.  You can also download this simple activity tracker as a fillable or printable PDF. You’ll want to submit your best score for each activity when it comes time to enter final results.

Will I be disqualified if my measurements for certain events are not exact?

No, we understand that everyone is doing their best and everyone’s at home event set up is different than others. We are more interested in everyone participating and giving their honest effort and attempt. The priority is participation, not disqualification.

Can I compete in in-person and virtual sports?

Yes! While athletes can only choose one in-person sport for competition, they can compete in as many virtual sports as they want!

Can I volunteer for the Virtual Fall Competition?

We encourage all family members, friends and supporters of SONJ to be active on social media for virtual competition. Post your "goodlucks" and "congratulations" on your social media outlets using the hastags #SONJFall and #GenuineJerseyPride. We also encourage you to consider joining the "SONJ Community" Facebook group.

I have additional questions/need more help!

Please contact us at!