Equestrian is one of the most fascinating sports in Special Olympics. The balance, stability, and proper communication between the horse and the rider is a key element for success in the sport.

Equestrian is a fall sport where athletes train and compete from June through October.  Read below for further information.

The Equestrian Fact Sheet provides general information on a sport’s background, popularity and statistics in the Special Olympics sports world.



  • Up to five classes
  • One obstacle
  • One equitation
  • One dressage
  • One in-hand class
  • Trail class (exhibition only, not judged or pinned)

2023 Competition Documents


Participant Information

  • Contact Susan Mejia at sm@sonj.org for registration information 
  • Registration for the Fall Games Horse Show will be open between July 11th and September 15th
  • Video submissions will be accepted between September 20th and October 11th
  • Final judging will take place on October 14th and 15th.
  • An in-person awards ceremony at Mercer County Park will take place on October 21st.
    • For those unable to attend the in-person ceremony, ribbons/medals will be delivered the following week with a Zoom awards presentation held on November 1st.

Upcoming Events

We don’t have any upcoming events at this time, but please check back and join us at one of our events in the future.

Coaching Resources

Special Olympics New Jersey strives to provide additional sport training to our athletes so that they are at their best when it comes time for training and competition,

Coaches are encouraged to use the resources below to be as prepared as possible for equestrian training and competition.

If you have any questions on coaching, visit our coach section for information.

Additional Information

Sports Registration Checklist

Read through and complete this checklist of to-dos before signing up for a local program.