MedFest screenings help provide the comprehensive sports physical that is required for all athletes before they step onto the playing field for training and competition. These screenings assess:

  • Blood pressure
  • Temperature
  • Pulse
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)

  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Medical history
  • Potential medication side effects
  • General physical health

How MedFest Helps

In some cases, this is the first exposure these athletes have to medical care and some life-threatening conditions have even been detected during a MedFest event. Thanks to our mobile health vehicle, we’re also able to reach more athletes across the state who otherwise aren’t able to receive regular medical care.

MedFest Fact Sheet

Criteria for Clinical Director

Individuals interested in acting as a clinical director for MedFest events should have the following qualifications/skills:

  • Be a licensed physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner
  • Ability to work with local program to determine event opportunities
  • Recruit and train volunteer health professionals
  • Obtain equipment, supplies and athlete giveaways
  • Assist local program in completing Healthy Athletes‘ Capacity Grant Application
  • Set up and supervise Healthy Athletes venue
  • Collect and report data
  • Program evaluation

Clinical Director: Naimish Baxi, Erica David, Jeffrey Zlotnick

Contact Us

If you are interested in becoming involved in our MedFest screening events, please contact Katelyn Sheridan at