Opening Eyes® helps improve the quality of life for Special Olympics athletes by optimizing their vision, eye health and visual skills through quality eye care.

How Opening Eyes Helps

In addition to exams for athletes, the Opening Eyes discipline works on educating athletes, parents and coaches about the importance of regular eye care. Special Olympics athletes who participate in an Opening Eyes exam may be fitted for new eyeglasses or sports goggles at no cost to the athlete.

Opening Eyes Fact Sheet 

Criteria for Clinical Director

Individuals interested in acting as a clinical director for Opening Eyes events should have the following qualifications/skills:

  • Licensed eye care professional such as an Optometrist or Opthalmologist
  • Ability to work with local program to determine event opportunities
  • Recruit and train volunteer health professionals
  • Obtain equipment, supplies and athlete giveaways
  • Assist local program in completing Healthy Athletes‘ Capacity Grant Application
  • Set up and supervise Healthy Athletes venue
  • Collect and report data
  • Program evaluation

Clinical Directors: Margaret Facey-Campbell, Kim Friedman, Bruce Meyer

Contact Us

If you are interested in becoming involved in our Opening Eyes screening events, please contact Katelyn Sheridan at