A family with a member who has an intellectual disability is just like any other family. The only difference is that, at times, they feel confused and isolated. These feelings may cause a disconnect with the valuable community resources available to them.

Our Family Program

The Special Olympics New Jersey Family Program provides a safe, nonjudgmental environment, and a community of families who focus on the values of acceptance, awareness, and respect. This unique program provides the resources, hope and opportunity to become advocates – empowering families to become the valued voice of our movement.

Find Support

The family program connects Special Olympics families with new families and provides support and information in a critical time of need in the following ways:

  • Provides educational, sports and training workshops
  • Creates opportunities for family members to become advocates for the Special Olympics movement
  • Brings families together to share ideas, issues and common interests
  • Encourages new families to join Special Olympics
  • Builds strong communities

Join Us

Take a look at our calendar for any upcoming family program events. You can also contact ucs@sonj.org if you have any questions or suggestions for the family program.