Track and field, also known as athletics, encourages athletes of all abilities and ages to compete at their optimum level. Through training programs, participants can develop total fitness to compete in any sport.

Special Olympics track and field is a summer sport where athletes train and compete from March through June at both the Area and State level.  Read below for futher information on the upcoming 2022 season.

2022 Available Track and Field Events

Available Track Events

• 10M Assisted Walk
• 25M Walk
• 25M Assisted Walk
• 50M Walk
• 50M Assisted Walk
• 100M Walk
• 400M Walk
• 800M Walk
• 1500M Walk
• 25M Dash
• 50M Dash
• 100M Dash
• 200M Dash
• 400M Dash
• 800M Run
• 1500M Run
• 3000M Run
• 5000M Run
• 10000M Run
• 4x100M Relay
• 4x100M Walk Relay
• 4x400M Relay
• 10M WC Race
• 25M WC Race
• 100M WC Race
• 200M WC Race
• 400M WC Race
• 4x25M WC Shuttle Relay
• 30M WC Slalom
• 25M Motorized WC Obstacle Race
• 30M Motorized WC Race
• 50M Motorized WC Race

Available Field Events

• Long jump
• Shot put
• WC Shot put
• High jump
• Running long jump
• Softball throw*
• Tennis ball throw*
• Mini-javelin
• WC Softball throw
• WC Tennis ball throw

* Athletes that can throw a softball or tennis ball more than 25M are strongly encouraged to participate in a different field event.

  • 100M Dash
  • Long jump
  • Shot put
  • High jump
  • 400M Dash

Upcoming Events

  • June 10, 2022June 12, 2022 2022 Summer Games The College of New Jersey
    2000 Pennington Rd
    Ewing Township, New Jersey 08618

Additional Athletics Information

Stay Safe

Regular physical activity is vital for good physical, social and emotional health. While there is a risk of injury with any type of physical activity, the benefits of staying active far outweigh the risks.

You can reduce your risk of exercise injury by:

  • wearing the right shoes
  • using the correct equipment
  • drinking water and staying hydrated
  • warming up and stretching properly
  • being aware of your surroundings – always exercise and compete in a safe and level area clear of any obstacles or items
  • maintaining social distancing rules when necessary (stay at least six feet away from others)

Stop exercising and seek medical help if you experience symptoms such as:

  • discomfort or pain
  • chest pain or other pain that could indicate a heart attack, including pain in the neck and jaw, pain traveling down the arm, or pain between the shoulder blades
  • shortness of breath
  • a rapid or irregular heartbeat
Participation Information

Athletes may compete in up to two individual events and two relay events.

Criteria For Advancement

Advancement criteria to be determined by each Area games committee.

General Guidelines

• Coaches may use additional criteria (i.e. behavior, overnight stay, medical) to evaluate the athlete for higher-level competition.
• Areas will receive quota slots after the area competition is complete. Areas will then distribute quotas based on that area’s established criteria for advancement.
• Lunch will be served on a 4:1 athlete to coach ratio at Summer Games.

Sports Registration Checklist

Read through and complete this checklist of to-dos before signing up for a local program.