Only Local Training Programs (LTP’s) who have completed the LTP Registration Form are eligible to register for specific spring sports and events, including basketball.

LTP Registration Form

League Registration

The Special Olympics New Jersey basketball league registration is now open and must be completed by January 13, 2020 to ensure teams are on the schedule for the first week of play.

Coaches and coordinators should only submit medical forms for brand new athletes or for athletes whose medical has expired. As a reminder, coaches should have a copy of each athlete’s medical form present at all practices and training sessions.

Notes for LTP Coordinator

Please allow 24 hours after submitting the LTP registration for the program name to be added to the list of eligible Spring LTP’s. Once an LTP Coordinator is ready to complete the Basketball Registration Form, they must have the following information:

  • All coaches’ first and last name, email address and phone number
  • All athletes’ first and last name, date of birth, events and qualifying times

If an LTP would like to make changes to a submitted registration, please email

The basketball registration form on this page is only for Local Training Programs who have completed the general LTP Registration Form.

If you know someone who is interested in participation in Special Olympics New Jersey sports, please visit our Become An Athlete page to begin the process of becoming a registered athlete.

Sports Registration Checklist

Read through and complete this checklist of to-dos before signing up for a local program.