Young Athletes welcomes children and their families into the world of Special Olympics.

Young Athletes is an inclusive sports play program for children ages 2 through 7 that prepares them for future participation in sports while improving gross motor, social and cognitive skills. It’s play with a purpose!

  • Motor skills – Children with ID who took part in Young Athletes developed motor skills more than twice as fast as others who did not take part.
  • Social, emotional and learning skills – Parents and teachers of children who took part in the Young Athletes curriculum said the children learned skills that they will use in pre-primary school.
  • Expectations – Family members say that Young Athletes raised their hopes for their child’s future.
  • Sport readiness – Young Athletes helps children get ready to take part in sports when they are older.
  • Acceptance – Inclusive play helps children without a disability to better understand and accept others.

See what this amazing program has done for Special Olympics New Jersey young athlete, Emelia Johns!

How Can My Child Participate in Young Athletes?

We want to reach as many children as possible so we have a few ways to get your child involved! Once he/she is a registered young athlete, participation can take place at home, at school or in the community.

Contact Us

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