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Play at Home

What do young children learn while playing?

  • Language (verbal and nonverbal)
  • Social skills like taking turns or making eye contact
  • Emotional skills like learning how to react when you lose a game
  • School readiness skills such as color and number recognition

What do young children learn about their families when they play at home?

  • That they are loved
  • To trust their family
  • Self confidence
  • That they are safe and cared for
  • How to be healthy
  • And how to have FUN!

Free Resources

This is the FREE Activity Guide that you receive in the mail. The Activity guide gives you fun ideas for playing at home.

Looking for more games? 
Head over to the Family Resource videos.

Young Athletes Individual Registration

Athlete Information

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Young Athletes: Child age 2-7 with a disability
Unified Partners: Child age 2-7 without a disability
Additional Information

Parent/Guardian Information

Mailing Address

Complete the following in order to register as a Special Olympics New Jersey young athlete or click Submit to register as a Special Olympics New Jersey Unified partner.
I have submitted the attached application for participation in Special Olympics. The participant has my permission to participate in Special Olympics activities. I further represent and warrant that to the best of my knowledge and belief, the participant is physically able to participate in Special Olympics activities. In permitting the participant to participate, I am specifically granting my permission, forever, to Special Olympics to use the participant's likeness, name, voice and words in television, radio, film, newspapers, magazines and other media, and in any form, for the purpose of publicizing, promoting or communicating the purposes and activities of Special Olympics and/or applying for funds to support those purposes and activities. I also understand that group data collected from Young Athletes surveys will be used to plan, evaluate and improve the program. If a medical emergency should arise during the participant's participation in any Special Olympics activities, at a time when I am not personally present so as to be consulted regarding the participant's care, I hereby authorize Special Olympics, on my behalf, to take whatever measures necessary to ensure the participant is provided with any emergency medical treatment, including hospitalization, which Special Olympics deems advisable in order to protect the participant's health and well-being.
I am the parent (guardian) of the participant named in this application. I have read and fully understand the provisions of the above release. By submitting this form, I am agreeing to the above provisions on my own behalf and on the behalf of the participant named above. I hereby give my permission for the participant named above to participate in Special Olympics games, recreation programs and physical activity programs.
Young Athletes Release Form
I am the Parent or Guardian of the Young Athletes participant named below and agree to the following:

1. Able to Participate. The young athlete is able to take part in Special Olympics. I understand there is a risk of injury.

2. Photo Release. Special Olympics organizations may use the young athlete's picture, video, name, voice, and words to promote Special Olympics.

3. Emergency Care. If a medical emergency should arise during the young athlete's participation in Special Olympics activities at a time when a parent our guardian is not present to make medical decisions, I consent to medical care for the Young Athlete if needed, unless I check one of these boxes:
If either box is checked, an EMERGENCY MEDICAL CARE REFUSAL FORM must be completed.
4. Health Programs. If the young athlete takes part in a Special Olympics health program, I consent to health activities, exams, and treatment for the young athlete. This should not replace regular health care. I can say no to treatment or anything else any time for the young athlete.

5. Personal Information. I understand personal information may be used and shared by Special Olympics to:
  • Make sure the young athlete can participate safely;
  • Run trainings and events and share results;
  • Put the young athlete's information in a computer system;
  • Provide health treatment, make referrals, consult doctors, and remind me about follow-up services;
  • Research, share, and respond to needs of Special Olympics participants (identifying information removed if shared publically); and
  • Protect health and safety, respond to government requests, and report information required by law. 
I can ask to see and change the young athlete's information. I can ask to limit how the information is used. 

6. Concussions. I understand the risk of concussions and continuing to play sports with a concussion. The young athlete may have to get medical care if a concussion is suspected. The young athlete also may have to wait 7 days or more and get permission from a doctor before they start playing sports again.

If you are the parent/guardian of more than one young athlete, and have registered them both at the same time, please click Add another response to name both young athletes in the Young Athletes Release form.
Parent/Guardian Signature
I am a parent or guardian of the young athlete(s). I have read and understand this form. By entering my name in the field below, I agree to this form on my own behalf and on behalf of the young athlete(s).

Emergency Care Refusal Form
(To be completed by parent or guardian of athlete who is under 18 years old or otherwise has a legal guardian)
Instructions: Only complete this form if you do not consent to emergency medical care on religious or other grounds and have checked a box under the Emergency Care provision on the Athlete Release Form or Young Athletes Individual Registration Form.

Enter athlete's or young athlete's full name in space provided above. If you are completing the Emergency Care Refusal form for more than one athlete or young athlete, please click Add another response to enter the name of the additional athlete or young athlete.

As the parent/guardian of said athlete or young athlete, to be referred to as the Athlete in the rest of this form, I agree to the following:
1. No Consent to Emergency Medical Care. I understand that Special Olympics' standard registration form requires athletes or their parents or guardians to consent to emergency medical care for the athlete if needed in an emergency. Based on religious beliefs or other reasons I am not consenting to emergency medical care as follows.

2. Accompaniment of Athlete. I agree to be present with the Athlete at all times during any Special Olympics activity, so that I can be readily available to take personal responsibility for the Athlete if a medical emergency arises. This includes during meal times, in overnight accommodations, at training sessions and competitions, and during travel to and from Special Olympics activities. I understand that if I am not present at all times, the Athlete will not be permitted to participate in Special Olympics activities, and that no exceptions will be made.

3. No Guarantee. I understand that Special Olympics cannot guarantee that emergency medical care will be withheld if I am not present and actively taking personal responsibility for the Athlete during a medical emergency.

4. Liability Release. On behalf of myself and the Athlete, I release Special Olympics, its employees, and its volunteers from all claims that may arise out of taking or failing to take measures to provide the Athlete with emergency medical care. I am agreeing to this release because I have refused, knowingly and voluntarily, to give Special Olympics permission to take emergency measures, and I am expressly directing Special Olympics not to do so on religious or other grounds.

I am authorized to enter into this Release on the Athlete's behalf. I have read and understand this release and have explained the contents to the Athlete as appropriate. By entering my name in the field below, I agree that this Release shall be binding upon me, the Athlete(s), and our respective heirs and legal representatives.