What is

Genuine Jersey Pride

Genuine Jersey Pride defines Special Olympics New Jersey and celebrates the impact we have on all who participate as well as those privileged to witness the magic every time an athlete with an intellectual disability takes the field, scores a goal, achieves a personal best time, or simply experiences the joy of participation.

Genuine…..illustrates the authentic means by which Special Olympics approaches sport; from a coach and athlete’s commitment to training, to a volunteer’s execution of an event, to the ultimate performances witnessed by families, spectators and friends.

Jersey…..distinguishes our athletes as the “home” team; participating as our classmates, friends and neighbors in communities throughout New Jersey.

Pride…..characterizes the celebration of respect and dignity, both on and off the playing field; creating communities of welcome and acceptance through participation in sport.

Each and every member of our Special Olympics Team….athletes, family members, volunteers and sponsors is asked to champion the Genuine Jersey Pride theme, promoting the Special Olympics New Jersey Movement throughout our great state…

Genuine is the way we approach sport in New Jersey and celebrate Pride in the athletes we serve.