What began as one woman’s dream and a fun backyard summer camp known as Camp Shriver has grown into Special Olympics, a global movement changing lives and attitudes for 50 years. Each summer, we go back to these roots and conduct Camp Shriver, a fun sports camp experience for individuals with intellectual disabilities of all ages.

Last year, Maria Miller signed her daughter Laura up for the one-week-long Development Camp Shriver. Maria was extremely nervous about dropping her daughter off Monday morning to start camp and while any parent might be a bit nervous about dropping their child off, having a child with a disability made things even more difficult. So Maria decided she would join Laura and serve as her 1 on 1 aid for the extent camp.

However, by Wednesday morning, Laura asked her mom what she was doing there and told her she should leave. This year, Laura is back by herself at Camp Shriver and is a part of the 4-week long session at the SONJ Sports Complex.

For parents, Camp Shriver offers a safe place for their children to learn and play. For Counselors, it’s a unique chance to interact with our population and for local organizations, its a chance to engage with their community. For the athletes, Camp Shriver is all about making friends and playing sports.

Camp took place over five weeks. It consisted of Camp Shriver during the day, Twilight Camp in the evenings, and developmental camp. Athletes practiced a variety of sports, physical education skills and drills, as well as learning about health and wellness.

A number of local sports organizations take part in Camp Shriver. Organizations like the New York Red Bulls, who’ve been coming to Camp Shriver over the last 8 years.

It was another great year at Camp! Take a look back at even more great photos!

More Camp Photos

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