Karen Byrne

Continuing to celebrate our 50th anniversary is athlete Karen Byrne, who is also turning 50 this November. She has been competing since she was 8 years old, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon going by her performance at Winter Games last week (she won a gold!).

Karen competes in long-distance track and cross-country skiing. Her endurance training spans year-round, from summer to winter and back again. The Bergen County native has a long list of accomplishments, and has traveled the world as a Special Olympics athlete. She ran a half-marathon at the 1999 Special Olympics World Summer Games in North Carolina, flew all the way to Dublin for the Special Olympics World Summer Games in 2003, and ran the final torch leg in Japan for the 2005 Special Olympics World Winter Games. In 2014, Karen got to compete in her home state as the Special Olympics USA Games were held in New Jersey that year. She continues to give the competition a run for their money at the state-level Summer and Winter Games every year.

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  1. 1
    Karen on February 23, 2018

    Than u

  2. 2
    John Kelly on February 23, 2018

    Karen has been a completive athlete all the years I have known her and she deserves to have an article profile her. She always prepares for her events by many hours of practice and also right before the event. She loves to share her celebration with the athletes she competed with and team. Her sportsmanship is OUTSTANDING.

    1. 3
      Karen Ann Byrne on February 27, 2018

      Thank you coach John that was really nice of what you said I don’t know what to say I just say thank you I don’t know anyway

    2. 4
      Mandy king on March 1, 2018

      Well done Karen xx from all in England xx

    3. 5
      Karen Byrne on November 28, 2021

      When is ski practiceu

  3. 6
    Jeanie larsen on March 2, 2018

    I have known you for many years now and you are truly an inspiration to all of us. Your work ethic and competitive spirit is second to none. You are are great example of what the special Olympics movement is all about and an excellent role model to our young athletes. Thanks for being the great person you are and keep it going😘

    1. 7
      Karen on March 16, 2018

      Maureen is

    2. 8
      Karen on June 10, 2018

      It was nice 2 see u

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