Brothers fight. It’s what they do. But it’s the connection that comes out of being brothers, the knowledge that they would do anything for each other, that strengthens their bond.

Enter Peter and Jason Poole, from Cherry Hill, NJ. According to both of them, growing up wasn’t always easy. “It was interesting because he was my older brother, but I feel like sometimes I was the older brother,” said Jason. “I had to take on certain responsibilities that are usually the older brother’s job.”

Peter too reflected on some rough patches in their past, “We had our ups and downs,” before going on to say “I love him to death. He is a very fun, loving brother.” Despite the disputes the two brothers have sometimes found themselves in, there is one place where they have always gotten along: the soccer field.

When they arrived, the two brothers reveled in the moment, a once in a lifetime opportunity. “It was a true all-star experience,” Jason said. “It really felt like we were the all-stars of the week.” They also were able to meet some of the MLS players, “One of my players I’ve been trying to see for a while is Clint Dempsey,” Peter recounted.

Peter then went on to talk about how he chided Dempsey for his lack of playing time. It seems the competitive rivalries aren’t restricted to brothers. The trip helped the brothers to reconnect. As they’ve gotten older, “they have kind of gotten away from having that shared common interest of playing soccer,” said their mother Anne. “Being able to go to the All Star game and playing for the Unified team has given them that connection they missed. Being able to see them play on the same field again was something I never thought I’d have again.”

As the Poole brothers grow older and continue to go their separate ways, there will always be a place for them to come and reconnect: the soccer field. Its combination of spray painted lines and mowed grass may only be a place to kick the ball around for some, but for the Poole family, it has become something much more important.

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