Watch: The people of New Jersey might disagree from time to time but when it comes to supporting our own, we’re always there for each other.

60 athletes will represent New Jersey at the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games in Seattle, Washington this July! You can support the team in a number of different ways. Here is how:


The Games will be shown on ABC and ESPN starting with Opening Ceremony. You can see our athletes parade out on Sunday, July 1st at 3:30PM/EST on ABC!

Support on Social Media

Share the video and drum-up support online. We need people from New Jersey to know about our team!

You can even download one of the “I Support Team New Jersey” graphics below.

11 comments on “Rise With Us #Team New Jersey”

  1. 1
    Big mike on June 25, 2018

    Want to wish team j good luck in Washington remember jersey pride. And especially that softball team that has 4 of my team mates that I play softball with.

    1. 2
      Vanessa Glenn on June 25, 2018

      Thanks so much for the well wishes, Mike. Team NJ will definitely be feeling A LOT of Genuine Jersey Pride supporting them!

  2. 3
    Tom Crone on June 25, 2018

    Awesome commercial… They really nailed Jersey’s vibe… Me, I’d love either a small version of that metal ‘rise with us’ signs, and or a keyring of it… What an awesome way to support NJ Special Olympics… Oh and my buddy Justin is the bowler in the video, so it really brings it home for me… Go Team Jersey rock the world when you hit Seattle…

    1. 4
      Vanessa Glenn on June 26, 2018

      Hi Tom. That’s a great idea for a key chain. Thanks so much for the well wishes:)

  3. 5
    Karen Dooner on June 25, 2018

    Good Luck to EVERYONE from Area 5 Super Bowlers and Circle of Friends. Most of all, have lots of fun!!!

    1. 6
      Vanessa Glenn on June 26, 2018

      Thanks, Karen. Everyone heading out is going to have the time of their lives!

  4. 7
    Weiss family on June 25, 2018

    Good luck Justin.

    1. 8
      Vanessa Glenn on June 26, 2018

      Thank you for the well wishes!

  5. 9
    Denise Franco on June 29, 2018

    Go Team Jersey especially Justin, we will be cheering for you in Florida.❤️❤️❤️💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    1. 10
      Vanessa Glenn on July 2, 2018

      Thanks for the support, Denise!

  6. 11
    Heather Martino on July 6, 2018

    Good luck team New Jersey, especially my sister Lauren playing tennis! Bring home that gold!

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