Results from Thursday, July 5, 2018




Gold: Martha Aumann & Pauline Naturile (Unified Doubles – F03); Alex Scheck & Christian Sontag (Unified Doubles – M04)


Silver: Alison Seber & Audrey Wrobel with a final score of 194 (Level 2 Unified Sports Team Play –  F02); Christopher Harold with a score of 147 (Level 4 Stroke Play – M01)


Bronze: New Jersey loss against Southern California 3-19; win against Florida 20-11


Gold: New Jersey win against Nebraska; win against Ohio (SL5+F3)

4th place: New Jersey loss against Texas; loss against Missouri (SL5+M6)

Playoffs(UDL5+02): Ray Truitt & Ed Tseng win against Michael Heup & Ryan Michelson(Maryland)

Round 1(DL5+02): New Jersey loss against Missouri; win against Ohio

Round 1(UDL401): New Jersey loss against Illinois; loss against Connecticut


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