A Local Training Program, or LTP, is a group of one or more athletes and Unified partners training together in one or more sports. Unless it is a Unified Champion Schools initiative, athletes can only register for competition through participation in a LTP. Athletes must be part of an accredited LTP in order to compete, and athletes and coaches can participate in multiple LTPs.

Why do I need to register my LTP?

Registering your LTP is the only way to accredit your program officially and receive sanction from Special Olympics New Jersey. After registering your program, you are free to conduct your own practices and training sessions.


An LTP will either be community or school-based. Examples of community programs include those that are affiliated with ARCs, group homes, community center, independent athletes, or groups of independent athletes. School programs are those that are affiliated with a specific school or school district.

Example of LTP Organization

Who can register an LTP?

An LTP coordinator is an individual that volunteers to receive vital participation and registration information from the Special Olympics New Jersey office and/or Area Directors. That information is distributed to all coaches in their program. Each LTP must elect an LTP Coordinator. An LTP Coordinator has many responsibilities that include:

  • Completing and returning required forms for athlete participation within competition registration deadlines.
  • Receiving and distributing all information to the appropriate coaches within his/her program.
  • Informing the Special Olympics New Jersey office of any changes to his/her program information.

These are just a few of the responsibilities of an LTP Coordinator.

How do I register my athletes for specific sports or events?

After properly completing the LTP Registration form, an LTP Coordinator is placed on an email distribution list. He/she must check the email submitted on the LTP Registration form regularly. He/she will receive registration instructions throughout the competition season.

LTP Coordinators who have completed the registration may also visit an individual sport page to access that sport’s LTP registration form at the beginning of the season.

For any questions regarding general LTP Registration or sport-specific registration forms, please contact Susan Mejia at sm@sonj.org.

Register Your LTP