Volunteer as a Coach

Meet our “Coach of the Season” champs!

Winter 2014: Rashawn “Rocky” Ricks
Spring 2014: Nikki Maksaymovich

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Coaches play a unique and indispensable role in Special Olympics New Jersey. They provide the sports skills and spirit that define a true athlete. In addition, coaches are role models and character builders. Coaches give Special Olympics New Jersey athletes the most immediate awareness of their own worth, ability, courage, and capacity to grow and improve.

Special Olympics New Jersey coaches assist athletes in developing sports skills and applying them during competitions. Coaches build confidence and self-esteem through sport and conduct demonstrations throughout the community.

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Coach Registration

The current Special Olympics Coaches Education System was developed to meet the needs of both new and experienced coaches. The training program features two tracks: one for the sport-qualified but non-Special Olympics-experienced individual; one for the non–sports-qualified individual with Special Olympics experience.

Special Olympics coaches often find that the personal rewards received are equal to, or even outweigh the benefits they offer their athletes. Special Olympics coaches have a unique opportunity to work with athletes in competitive situations to assist in their training for life.

The key to improving athlete performance and well-being is based on the quality of training and experiences provided by the Special Olympics coach. Our Coaches Education System identifies basic standards and competencies necessary and essential for being a Special Olympics coach.

Becoming a certified Special Olympics coach involves the following components:

• Complete a Class A Volunteer Registration form.
• Take the General Orientation course online.
Take the Protective Behaviors Course.
• Participate in an approved course.
• Complete the Special Olympics Application for Sports Training Certification and submit it to Special Olympics New Jersey.

Upon completion, you are eligible for certification. Education and certification is viewed as an ongoing experience. In order to provide the best experiences for athletes, continuing education (updating or upgrading education) is necessary and essential.