Volunteer as a Coach

“As a coach, it is amazing to see the camaraderie and unity the athletes create with one another. Each individual’s growth in confidence is inspiring.”

-Carol Ann Vassallo, Track and Field Coach 

Coaches play a unique and indispensable role in Special Olympics New Jersey. They provide the sports skills and spirit that define a true athlete. In addition, coaches are role models and character builders. Coaches give Special Olympics New Jersey athletes the most immediate awareness of their own worth, ability, courage, and capacity to grow and improve.

How to Become a Coach

The steps to become a coach begin with the coach placement process. Interested coaches are placed on existing or new teams based upon interest and availability in their area. Please take a look at the sports offered to familiarize yourself with what sports are available and the time of year in which they are offered.

Coaches strive to maintain a high level of coaching for athletes. To do this, Special Olympics New Jersey provides, through the Coach Education System, training and education for coaches to become certified. Becoming a certified coach is a process, but provisional requirements allow an individual to begin coaching as soon as possible. To learn more about the Coach Education System, visit the Coach Certification page.

Contact Casey Henderson at # to begin the coach placement process.

Considerations for Coaches

While it is encouraged for prospective coaches to have sport experience, education and training opportunities are available to properly prepare individuals for their roles as coaches.

Please note that the nature of the coaching role typically requires a greater time commitment from individuals. Being available for practices, training and competitions is key to being a successful coach. Please take this into consideration as you begin the process to become a coach.