Young Athletes is based on the following gross motor skill categories:

  • Foundational Skills (includes body awareness, strength and flexibility)
  • Walk & Running
  • Balance & Jumping
  • Trapping and Catching
  • Throwing
  • Striking
  • Kicking

Your sessions should combine group games and individual skills stations that directly foster these 7 skill categories.

While progression of the development of these skills is often based on the previous skill, progress rarely follows in a straight path. Basically, while it is logical and often the best idea to start at Foundational Skills and then move onto the next skill, there are many times when athletes will be learning and practicing multiple skills, going back to review and moving ahead based on the individual’s skill level, interest and motivation.

The more advanced the skill, the more “sport specific” type activities you can begin to introduce.  Keep in mind that Young Athletes is not a sport specific program but rather incorporates some sport type activities when appropriate to teach foundational skills for future participation in sports.


Where can I find ideas for games and activities?

Skill Progression

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Foundational Skills

Walking & Running

Balance & Jumping

Trapping & Catching




Seasonal and Miscellaneous




Picture Books

YA Coach Videos of Picture Books in Action:

Basic Movement:


Empathy and Differences

Yoga/Self Regulation