Organizing, planning and running a Young Athletes community program requires quite a bit of effort. While every coach and each program is different, Special Olympics New Jersey still strives to maintain a standard of quality throughout all programming.

The following resources include forms, recorded webinars, documents and links to articles or websites that will help you organize and manage your program effectively.

Program Support

Maintaining the Chaos

Consistency in Communication

  • Newsletter Template 1
  • Newsletter Template 2
    The Newsletter templates are created in Word so that you can edit them more easily.  Feel free to change them up as you see fit.
  • Young Athletes Snapshot Form
    Each YA program has a personalized Young Athlete Snapshot Form that you can send to families to learn a little bit more about them before they come to your session.  Your personalized link to the form can be found in your program’s Gmail or you can email to request the link.  The responses will go directly to your program’s Gmail account.
  • Parent Handbook (coming soon)

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