Cycling requires good physical condition, endurance and tactics. Special Olympics include time trial and road race events in different distances. Every athlete riding his/her bike aims at traveling at the best possible time and arrive at the finish line first.

Cycling is a fall sport where athletes train and compete from March through October.

Available Events

  • 500M Time Trial
  • 5K Time Trial
  • 1K Time Trial
  • 10K Road Race
  • Balance Bike 150M Road Race*

Participation Information

Athletes may compete in a maximum of two events that are consecutive in distance, e.g., the 500M time trial and 1K time trial.

*The Strider 150M Road Race is a Fall Games only event.

Criteria for Advancement

Athletes must participate in sectional competition in order to advance to Fall Games. Coaches are responsible for submitting an activation list at the sectional competition for those athletes who choose to compete in Fall Games.

General Guidelines

  • New for 2017: The Maximum Effect Rule will be enforced at 30%. Athletes may not exceed this percentage of improvement from their divisioning score to their final score. If an athlete exceeds this performance percentage, event disqualification will take place. For further information, please see pages 16-17 of Article 1: Sports Rule Document.
  • Athletes and coaches must provide their own bicycle and ANSI certified helmet.
  • All bicycles must be in good working order and safe for competition.
  • Cycling shirts and shorts are recommended. No jeans, dress shoes or casual shirts will be allowed.

Sports Registration Checklist

Read through and complete this checklist of to-dos before signing up for a local program.