During our fall season, Burlington County offers three Olympic-style individual and team sports that provide meaningful training and competition opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Athletes who participate in fall sports begin practicing in September and compete through the end of October.

If you see a sport you’re interested in but haven’t registered as an athlete, learn how to become an athlete. Athletes that are already registered should contact the local area director to learn about playing a specific sport.

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Special Olympics cycling events include time trial and road race events of varying distances. Learn more about available event and general guidelines and find coaching and athlete resources on the Cycling page.

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Equestrian athletes can compete in up to three classes. Learn more about available events and general guidelines and find athlete and coaching resources on the Equestrian page.

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Flag Football

Athletes can compete in traditional and Unified team competitions of 5v5. Learn more about general guidelines, how to compete in the Fall Games and the resources available to athletes and coaches on the Flag Football page.

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