For every student, the path to sports and social inclusion begins with a meaningful physical education experience.

SONJ supports Health and Physical Education through Unified Physical Education (Unified PE) as a general or elective course and Inclusive Physical Education (Inclusive PE) through our Learn. Practice. Play. UNIFIED. resources.

Unified PE

Unified PE focuses on the physical, intellectual and social growth for all students. Students of all ability levels come together through ongoing fitness, sports, leadership, and wellness activities. Engaging in physical activity and sport alongside peers with and without disabilities creates important social relationships.

Additionally, the Unified PE course is structured around the national physical education standards and grade-level outcomes.

Explore the Special Olympics Unified Physical Education Resources Guide for ideas and activities to support a Unified physical education program in your school.

Watch Unified Sports & Unified PE in action to see the type of impact these programs can have on your school and community.

Inclusive PE

In Inclusive PE classes, students with disabilities learn the same curriculum, same objectives, and participate in the same assessments as general education students.

Learn. Practice. Play. UNIFIED.

Learn. Practice. Play. UNIFIED. resources weave the sport and education programs Special Olympics offers into one comprehensive framework. They focus on fundamental and sport-specific skill development and apply those skills to game play in school and the community.

Each book contains three sections:

  1. Learn: Special education information, instructional strategies and best practices for inclusion and instruction for teaching inclusive physical education
  2. Practice: Activities and drills with tips for modifications and adaptations, as well as tools for observing student’s ability levels
  3. Play UNIFIED: Suggestions for creating co-curricular, interscholastic and community-based opportunities for students to apply skills learned in physical education to participation in recreational and competitive game play activities

Guide to Inclusive Physical Education and Sports Activities

The Learn. Practice. Play. UNIFIED. Guide to Inclusive Physical Education and Sports Activities is a great resource for educators in inclusive health and physical education settings and for new Unified Sports coaches.

Guide to Inclusive Gross Motor Education

The Learn. Practice. Play. UNIFIED. Guide to Inclusive Gross Motor Education focuses on gross motor skill development through structured and unstructured play for preschool and kindergarten students.

Resources & Training

Contact to order copies of the Learn. Practice. Play. UNIFIED. guides or make requests for professional development trainings.