High schools can take sports beyond the school day by establishing an after-school Unified sports club intramural program. There’s also the option to create an interscholastic team that competes with other schools or in NJSIAA interscholastic state championships.

Recreational Unified Club Sports

Unified intramurals and recreation programs offer a fun opportunity for students of all abilities to explore and play a variety of sports in a social and inclusive recreational setting. They can be organized through athletics or run as part of the Play Unified Club. School or district culminating events, tournaments and game days can be organized to bring the community together to cheer on the Unified teams.

Interscholastic Sports

Interscholastic sports give students the chance to play against students at other high schools. Teams can participate in interscholastic sports through the more recreational Play Unified Interscholastic Sports program or through the more formal, NJSIAA sanctioned competitions.